Resolution for LTRC: PTAC (Privilege Travel)

This resolution, submitted by LU Engineering branch and seconded by Camden 3 branch, was carried by the March meeting of the Regional Council.

We hear reports month after month of the increases in the cost of Travel; but we were always protected from these increases by Staff Passes and the PTAC.

Since the PPP and the privatising of the National Railway we have expected attacks to get rid or erode these privileges that we have acquired through united struggles led by our Unions.

With the changes to the method of paying for travel through Oyster Cards method Management has resorted to stealth to introduce increases in the price for our member's dependant family especially those attending colleges; whereas a dependant would have paid one price at a reduce rate for a all zone all day travel card; they now have to pay for every trip which is deducted from the oyster card as they get on and off; not forgetting the minimum purchase imposed on all travellers for buying an oyster card. Therefore we are now paying per trip (albeit at a reduced price) for an Oyster card and a minimum charge that if not used remain as money in the Bank for TFL.

These changes has been implemented; the first you get to hear about it is when your spouse or child informs you of them being refused travel; LU have not had the decency to inform their staff or consult with their Trade Union representative that they were introducing these changes.

This Region requests the Executive of this union to:

1. Put a stop to this erosion of our hard won "Privilege" and get LU to revise this stealth increase to something more like the deal we won; a one off payment for all day travel. 2. To get rid of the initial cost of the Oyster card. 3. Insist that LU carryout full consultation with the Unions when introducing changes that will affect us or our Dependants travel.