Reinstate Anthony Burke!

Bus Inspector Anthony Burke was medically terminated by Transport for London for taking time off following pit bull dog, gun and racial assaults on him at work.

A protest took place on Friday 16th April 2010 outside 200, Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria (pictured).

Inspector Burke was sacked by Transport for London this week after his local line manager took the decision that he is not fit to do his job, this despite TfL's own company doctor stating that he is "fit to return to work with no underlying health problems."

Inspector Burke is a decent, hardworking, family man, well liked by his colleagues, who has worked checking tickets on Londons Buses for six years with an unblemished service record but TfL have sacked him after he took time off when was seriously assaulted on no less than three occasions whilst doing his job.

Assault 1: Whilst doing his job he suffered a physical assault by fare evaders who also vandalised the bus they were on and used their Pit Bull type dog as a weapon against him.

Assault 2: Whilst doing his job he was threatened by a fare evader that he was going to shoot him and his colleague in the face! The bus and surrounding area were evacuated and armed police responded.

Assault 3: Whilst doing his job he was the victim of a racial severe assault, which was witnessed by Police Community Support Officers and Police Constables. The Metropolitan Police are prosecuting the individuals concerned.

Incident at work: Whilst doing his job on board a bus, he slipped on the floor and fell spraining both his wrists. He was taken to the local hospital by ambulance.

TfL referred Inspector Burke to their company medical service as he had taken sick leave to recover from these traumatic events and injuries. The company doctor signed Inspector Burke off as fit to return to work but his line manager stopped his pay and refused to allow him to go back to work, pending an INVESTIGATION!

This amounted to him asking another company doctor who never examined Inspector Burke, if he would ever take sick leave after assaults on him in the future. That doctor assumed that as the Inspector's job description states ASSAULTS ARE TO BE EXPECTED AS AN INHERENT PART OF THE JOB, that he probably would do. TfL then took this man's employment away, after the manager decided he was therefore not fit to do his job!

This is a manager who has allegedly been bullying and harassing Inspector Burke since 2006 but TfL chose to allow him to make the decision on termination on medical grounds.


On the one hand TfL are getting rid of dedicated hardworking employees like Inspector Burke who want to work, whilst the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is proposing to make a number of TfL vacancies available to ex-criminals to help them restart in life. Is this at the expense of dedicated workers who carry out a valuable job that brings them face to face with assault every day?


Write or e-mail London's Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and demand that they look into his case!

The Transport Commissioner
Peter Hendy
42-50, Victoria Street,
London SW1H 0TL

The Mayor of London
Boris Johnson
City Hall,
The Queen's Walk,
London SE1 2AA