Reasons To Be Striking

The rumour mill in the depot mess rooms have been in overdrive recently, and in an attempt to offer some clarity to dispel the half truths, downright lies and anti worker propaganda, we have set out below the reasons management used to unfairly dismiss our 2 colleagues.

Fitz Chambers.

The charges relate to allegedly accepting a measly £40 and a cheap bottle of booze over a 4 year period. Let us be honest on this, does this really constitute gross misconduct? Is the giver of the gifts not as culpable as the alleged recipient? The allegations were apparently made as far back as 2007, why did the management team sit on them so long? You will note the charges do not include “demanding or asking” for money. During the investigation ,in a syndicate of 72 over 90% gave signed statements that no monies had been solicited by Fitz. A second charge relates to Fitz being given late spare duties and weekends off. The weekend is when he did the sheets, in time for Monday morning, a rule laid down by the E&C TOM/DMT`s. As for late spare duties. The charge seems to suggest being a late spare is as cushy as it gets. These are not the late spares I remember. Invariably, you will be running until 0130, even if all duties were covered, you cannot go until the last NB has left E&C as we have no nights at the E&C. Hardly seems to be “giving yourself favourable duties” does it? The question all Bakerloo drivers should ask themselves. Do these charges constitute gross misconduct? The answer is clearly no. All divers should support Fitz, irrespective of which union you belong to. The battle to have Bro. Chambers reinstated is one we can win. And it is a battle we will win with the support of drivers at both depots. Solidarity Wins.

Jowel Miah

I think we all accept Jowel made a mistake when he opened the doors on the wrong side and never followed procedure to the letter. There were some mitigating circumstances for this, which I am unable to go into here, but throughout the investigation he was open and honest about what he did. The main charge laid against him surrounds his apparent untrustworthy nature. To all of who know Jowel, this is ridiculous. He is a very likeable, good natured and friendly guy who would do anything to help you. The reasons given for sacking him centred on this theme that he was not trustworthy. Not because of his past record. Not because he failed to follow procedure. This man is an asset to this company. He deserves to be given another position so he can rebuild his career. At least 4 other drivers on the Bakerloo Line have committed the same “crime” as Jowel, but were allowed to move to other positions in the company. Why is Bro.Miah being treated differently? Jowel needs his colleagues to stand firm against this injustice. Get behind the campaign to have Jowel reinstated by joining us on the picket lines Solidarity Wins.