RCIS Move Closer To Unprecedented Strike Ballot

Industial relations within the Revenue dept sank to an all time low last week with an appalling attack on the RMT reps within the dept, by the centurian manager, in an email to all staff.

The email, full of gross untuths, misleading suggestions and anti union retoric, lays bare the depts full contempt for the RMT and the machinary.

Since last september, RMT reps have , via the level one process, agreed in good faith, arrangements to enhance work life balance and other issues, only to then see the arrangements made, regulary ignored by DRCMs and Centurian managers.

Add to that the appaling morale, and general deep unhappyness that most RCis have reported. This has led to performnace being down nearly 50% in the current period compared to the same period last year. Complaints are also through the roof. It is of no suprise that the current managments regime has seriously impacted on the performance and morale of RCIs.

RMT reps in the revenue dept will be seeking a further , last ditch meeting with managment, overseen by the performance manager, in an last minute attempt to avoid industrial action and the dept falling into the abyss