Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2009, Redundancies – TfL

From RMT official circular IR/152/09, dated 7th May 2009

Dear Colleague,

As with LUL it was decided not to use the ‘YES’ vote returned by members as a result of the challenge we had received. We have now had the opportunity to check the details we send to management and are to re-ballot TfL members.

As with LUL the issues remain the same and I list these below for ease of reference.

Redundancies - TfL are seeking compulsory redundancies using the credit crunch as a front and with a complete disregard for meaningful consultations. TfL won’t even tell us at Company Council level which jobs are to be cut in their “moving feast” of over £2.4 billion worth of cuts within the next eighteen months. To make matters worse, it appears that they haven’t even factored in the loss of revenue due to income dropping or the lost money from the abandonment of the western congestion charge zone.

Improvements to Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service -TfL have failed to make a reasonable offer to this Union in relation to our claim for a substantial increase in rates of pay and improvements to conditions of service.

Ballot papers will be despatched to members’ home address on Thursday 14th May, these should be completed and returned to the ERS in the prepaid envelope provided by first post Thursday 28th May.

Please ensure members use their vote and vote “YES” for strike action and action short of a strike.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow General Secretary