Police & Thieves. And Blurred Lines

Those of us who were involved in defending the London Bridge 3 have always held the belief, which was vindicated when LUL chose not to defend their decision to sack Lee Cornell at the ET, that the fare evader was no more than an anti social petty criminal who was spoiling for a row when he was challenged for not having a ticket.


Now it seems LUL are complicit with the BTP in trying to entrap station staff, with covert BTP teams engaging in exactly the sort of anti social behaviours demonstrated by the fare evader in the LOB incident.

Double gating, inciting staff, having no valid ticket and provoking staff with anti social behaviour.

These are BTP Officers. 

Protect and safeguard people apparently?

See it, say it, sorted?

More like See it! Start it! ‘Ave it!


All with the AMS’s being aware and by definition with LULs blessing and complicity.

Indeed, the only interpretation of the response from LUL is that poor customer service is an acceptable reason for Tube workers to be assaulted.

Coupled with the code 36 diktat from Palestra these are indeed dangerous times on the gate line

With the addition of the blurred lines the BTP seek to import our job just got more difficult and more challenging 

Be careful out there

You never know who’s watching you.

Or who’s got your back.