Piccadilly strike back on as bosses renege on agreements

That we note the report on file from the Lead Officer; that despite our Union going beyond what we were comfortable with to suspend at extremely short notice the strike action for 11th to the 14th July 2018 to accept the detailed offer on the table from the company, the company are reneging on most of the agreed items in the settlement.

Our union members are not to be treated in either the manner which has led to this dispute in the first place nor to be cynically turned over when agreements made in trust and good faith by their reps are disregarded by management.

Accordingly, to bring the company back into line; we instruct all affected Train Operator and Instructor Operator members to take Strike Action by not booking on for shifts commencing 12:00hrs on Wednesday 26th September until 12:00hrs on Friday 28th September 2018 (48hrs) and from 20:30hrs on Friday 28th September until 01:30hrs on Saturday 29th September 2018.

Members to be advised by email and text.

Piccadilly & District West, Finsbury Park Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.