Pension attack pushed back but campaign of defence continues to build

Dear Colleague,


Following on from the National Executives Committee decision made on 21st July 2023 to suspend industrial action across LUL, which was due to start on 23rd July 2023, I am giving you further clarification on the progress we have made in respect of TfL pensions.

The RMT and its members have been leading the fight to not only protect jobs and conditions across LUL but to also defend the TfL Pension Fund. This has culminated in members taking a number of days of industrial action which has resulted in management announcing on Thursday 20th July 2023 that if any changes are proposed to change the TfL Pension Fund they would not happen before 30th September 2026. This is a significant period of time which enables us to stabilise our defence and to also continue to campaign on this matter.

While this “pushback” for three years is welcomed, the RMT need to make you aware that members need to remain vigilant as the Government want to begin a consultation process on any proposed reforms no later than 1st July 2024 and have stated that any changes to the TfL Pension Fund will need to be made via statutory legislation.

It has also been confirmed that all past service (accrued) benefits are protected on a mirror image basis. However, we are mindful that future service benefits must be protected and we will continue to campaign and fight for that.

While plans to make our members poorer in retirement have been paused for now, the Government have stated that they are still keen to transfer TfL Pension Fund members into the inferior LGPS. TfL have stated that they have no objections to this but have confirmed that there are significant complexities to work through and that legislation would be required. The RMT will continue to fight and campaign to stop our members being forced into the LGPS.

Any attacks on your pension fund arrangements will be fiercely resisted industrially and politically.

While TfL management have stated that the “do nothing” option still remains a potential outcome, members need to be prepared to take further strike action if any changes are proposed which would negatively affect their pension.

We have pushed the Government and TfL back due to our determined and effective unity in action. This solidarity will continue. I would like to thank you for your support in these matters.

I will keep you advised of future developments.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lynch

General Secretary