Pay Talks update: Tube bosses offer slight reduction in working hours as RMT keeps pressure on

RMT representatives met London Underground management today at ACAS.

Significantly, LUL management has now agreed that they share  RMT’s aspiration to reduce working hours for all LUL staff.

LUL management made a revised verbal offer, to be confirmed in writing:

  • Year 1 RPI + 0.2%
  • Year 2 30-minute reduction in working week plus a pay rise of RPI + 0.2% less the cost of implementing the 30 min cut.

LUL has indicated that it may be possible to maintain the full RPI + 0.2% increase in year 2 subject to further discussions on how the reduction in working hours is introduced.

This revised offer will be considered further once it has been confirmed in writing.

After 10 meetings with LUL on pay, during which RMT has insisted that management address the issue of a shorter working week this represents an important shift in LUL’s position.

We will meet LUL again on 27 th August when we will seek further improvements to their offer, in line with our 2019 pay claim.


RMT Regional Organiser
John Leach