Overtime Ban


The RMT has instructed all of it’s members not to do overtime during this dispute.

The ballot for action short of a strike, which is exactly what this is, came back unanimous. If LU don’t have enough members of staff to open a station safely, then the station must close. Perhaps they should employ enough staff so this doesn’t happen!

One day after our recent strike action, two stations couldn’t open up in the morning because of staff shortage!

We are all losing pay by going on strike but if the ‘Action short of a strike’ is successful, strong and unified, further strike action may not be needed.

Every grade needs to stick together in this dispute. There are many grades who cannot make up money lost doing overtime, yet they stand strong and come out because they know what the outcome will be if they stand by and do nothing.

All projects at weekends are carried out on overtime currently by Fleet & Engineering. These projects simply cannot go ahead if there are no workers.

The latest talks have shown that LU want to buy your frameworks & agreements from you for a mere £500. If management’s attempts to rip up our current agreements are successful, your terms & conditions will be severely eroded. Imagine, no sick pay, less holidays, fixed term contracts and at the extreme end zero hours contracts. So no more being spares, you will just be told you are not needed so go home and don’t expect to be paid!

So don’t just worry about next months pay packet. Think of the bigger picture. Most people stay with LU because of the terms & conditions. Think about your employment now and how you want it to stay. If you want to keep what you currently have - stand up to this absolute assault on our strongly fought for terms!


pdf attached to download and print