Night Tube drivers - check your depot nominations

At the last Movements Committee meeting on Thursday 2nd March, Operations Resourcing said that they believed around 175 of the 206 Night Tube Drivers had now nominated Full-Time Depot positions. 

It's important that every Night Tube Train Operator checks with their AG1 or Local Management team to ensure that if they have nominated a Depot their name is on the correct waiting list.

This is vitally important because, with the RMT Ballot ongoing, Operation Resourcing said they are planning to put staff into Night Tube Train Operator Training from July this year. With this information to hand it's expected that from November 2017 current Night Tube Train Operators will start going Full-Time.

With the current projection, based on waiting lists and Train Operator attrition, is that within the 6 Months from November 2017,  approximately 80 Night Tube Train Operators could have gone Full-Time.

With this information it's important that these waiting lists are accurate as, from the next Trains Movements Committee Meeting, they will not be able to be changed. 

The Waiting Lists are available from your Local Rep or your Local Management although this list is February 2017 and a month out of date.

If there are any specific cases or problems, please feel free to forward the details to me. 

RMT Movements Committee