Metronet & LUL Pay and Conditions

This emergency resolution from LU Engineering branch was passed unanimously at the February meeting of the Regional Council.

"This branch notes that now Metronet have been brought back into TfL that there is a concerted effort to crush the RMT and end its hard fought agreements. This has involved:

· Attempts to sack/ discipline our reps

· Refusal to talk about pay. We believe that this is based on a deliberate tactic by the bosses in the face falling RPI figures.

· The use of Private Covert Security Teams to monitor staff

· Attempts to de-recognise representatives

· Refusal to honour the PPP Code of Best Practice ("Jobs for Life Deal")

· Refusal to honour the existing Machinery of Negotiation

The list is never ending and this branch believes that the time has come to take the fight to the bosses. We want our regional organiser to:

1. Demand Company Councils for both LUL and Metronet. Our pay claims were submitted in Dec and we demand that talks are finalised by early March

2. We demand that the "Jobs for Life" deal is honoured for all staff

Should our reasonable demands NOT be met by early March, then we call on the Council of Executives to ballot all ex-Metronet and LUL staff for strike action and action short of strike"