MATS Newsletter: Admin CDI Note Taking

A lot of the admin on London Underground are being asked to take notes at Company Disciplinary Interviews. We have been informed by the MATS reps that this is voluntary and in no way can you be made to do this. The company is looking for a team of forty five volunteers to take the minutes at CDIs.

The company want to reap the benefits of the Admin Grade Review which they dumped because they didn't want to financially reward staff for going above and beyond their role. Some people are being told by their Centurions that they have to take part in this fiasco, you

We believe that the minutes should continue to be taken by stenographers, they are trained and do this as a full time role. You would be put under pressure to succeed and if you don’t meet the companies expectation then who knows what the outcome would be. Our members at CDIs would suffer even further, as the notes are currently taken by independent note takers, and LU Managers have no influence over them. With you taking the minutes you may find your role influenced by management.

We advise you to say no to CDI minute taking! Management didn’t recognise you by delivering the AGR you wanted! So why do their dirty work do for them, for free. We will keep you updated with any further progress in this area. This issue will also be put onto the agenda at the next MATS Functional meeting.