Management Anti-Strike Propaganda

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary.

It has come to my notice that LUL management are handing out anti-strike propaganda and asking people to sign for it. This is nothing more than a crude attempt to intimidate people during the current ballot and is both counterproductive and completely unnecessary.

RMT members have already voted for action by a five-to-one majority, but LUL used legal technicalities that would have made no difference to the outcome to stop your union using that democratic mandate.

This dispute is about defending jobs, ensuring that you receive a pay increase that reflects the massive increase in productivity you have achieved, and stopping LUL’s breaches of disciplinary and attendance procedures.

The best response to management’s attempts to intimidate you is to return an even bigger majority for action in the re-run ballot

You should by now have received your ballot paper. If you have not, please call the RMT FREEPHONE helpline on 0800 376 3706

Please vote YES for action and stand together to defend jobs, for decent pay and an end to bullying.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary