LUL Pay Talks Report: No Movement From Management

Yesterday (2 April), RMT and other unions' representatives met with London Underground to discuss your pay. Your representatives at the meeting were Oliver New (Council of Executives), Steve Hedley (Regional Organiser) and Janine Booth (Stations & Revenue Council / Regional Council Secretary).

A full report will follow. In summary:

  • LUL did not revise their offer at all.
  • With February's RPI at 0%, LUL's offer is 1% this year, followed by RPI only for the next four years.
  • All the unions rejected this.
  • RMT and TSSA insisted on a one-year deal only.
  • RMT gave evidence that the real rate of inflation as it affects members is much higher than RPI, and argued that CPI (now at 3.2%) is currently a better indicator, and that the figure of 5% we gave in our claim would be a good point from which to start negotiations.
  • Management stated that should RPI be negative in future, your pay would not be cut.
  • LUL invited us to revise our pay claim, but we saw no reason to do so.
  • We asked for the company to open their books and allow us full access to their financial information; they refused, offering instead a presentation on finance at the next meeting.

LUL continues to hold you in contempt, and to be willing to see your standard of living steadily deteriorate over the next five years, despite your hard work delivering improvements and day-to-day running of the railway. This unproductive meeting simply re-affirmed our view that we need to take industrial action to make management see sense.