London Underground Job Cuts Deepen Inequalities

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report on the equality strand of the review of London Underground’s OSP (job cuts). We endorse the detailed critique of the job cuts’ impact on equalities, which can be found on file. This critique highlights that London Underground:

  • calculates station staffing levels without considering the needs of equality groups
  • uses methods for collecting information, categorising passenger journeys and assessing data which are deeply flawed and fail to account for equality issues
  • has failed to carry out adequate Equality Impact Assessments before going ahead with policies, despite being obliged by law to do so
  • employs far fewer staff on stations than are needed in order to meet passengers’ needs
  • has inadequate station staffing levels which leave disabled and elderly passengers often unable to access the assistance they need; women and other groups vulnerable to assault and afraid to travel, especially late at night; and LU generally less able to ensure that equality needs are met
  • is, due to its inadequate staffing levels, less able than it should be to accommodate the needs of staff with caring responsibilities and disabled staff
  • does not consult with equalities groups in a meaningful way

We instruct the General Secretary to send this critique to London Underground Ltd, together with the draft letter which can be found on file. We further instruct the General Secretary to circulate it to GLA members and TfL Board members, and to publish it on our website.

We further instruct the General Secretary to pursue with London Underground, and with other employers, their legal obligations regarding Equality Impact Assessments, and to ensure that in future, when LU or any other employer fails to meet those obligations, this union pursues legal avenues promptly.

We further instruct the General Secretary to write to sister trade unions and appropriate equalities organisations, including those which supported our campaign against staffing cuts eg. Transport for All, to explore the possibilities of a joint campaign to increase station staffing levels.

Branches, Regional Councils and Advisory Committees to be informed of this decision.

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