Lies, damned lies and LUL tweets.

London Underground have been quoted on twitter as saying the following;


Kirsty Watts, CSA at London Bridge, was not assaulted and extensive CCTV shows absolutely she was not assaulted. She was not punched. She was not pushed in her stomach.


At a fact find on Feb 28 a LUL manager conducting that fact find identified the exact moment Kirsty was assaulted.

The fare evader pushed her in her stomach.

At 1309:39 on 16 November 2016

The manager accepted Kirsty was assaulted and this is reflected in the contemporaneous notes of this meeting.

Taken by the LUL manager.


An EIRF was generated following this belated fact find.

That EIRF states Kirsty Watts was assaulted.

She was pushed in her stomach


Each of the 3 CDI panels accepted that Kirsty Watts was clearly assaulted.

All agree it was 1309:39 on 16/11/2016


Kirsty Watts submitted a statement to the CDI panels that she was assaulted 

She was pushed in her stomach by the fare evader.

She was 5 months pregnant 


Kirsty Watts radioed for assistance on November 2016 at 1310 because she had been assaulted on the Northern gate line at London Bridge.

She stated she was pushed in her stomach

She was 5 months pregnant 


London Underground are being entirely duplicitous in suggesting Kirsty Watts was not assaulted.

It is not acceptable for LUL to enter into a dirty tricks campaign to undermine their own staff who have submitted evidence to a CDI and appeal hearing.


We have consistently told the truth and have hid nothing whatsoever in the events of November 16.


3 members of staff were assaulted.


The CCTV shows absolutely what the RMT are saying is true.


Perhaps LUL would like to explain why they took 4 months to interview a member of staff directly involved in the incident?


We demand Lee Cornell is reinstated and the sanctions issued to Dave Sharp and Saed Sioussi withdrawn.


Solidarity wins