Latest Transformation Announced

This morning (7th November) LU are announcing their latest wave of job reorganisations under Transformation. They have made clear from the start their feelings towards the RMT and the other unions. We have only been sent their proposals this morning, minutes before the first staff briefings began. 

There are many staff briefings taking place today and your reps will be at as many meetings as possible, although the same briefings are happening at the same time in different locations. So if you don't see us at yours, don't worry, we will have received the same information. 

As we have only received the proposals this morning, we cannot make any comment on the content until we have thoroughly read them. However, it is clear that they include job cuts across the following areas: Skills Development, Establishment Planning, Network Operational Administration, Renewals & Enhancement, Assest Operations, Senior Management Administration and Performance Analysis & Improvement. 

Your reps are meeting with your Regional Organiser today and we will make a further statement as soon as possible after that. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please contact your reps