Key workers campaign to stop homes sell off

Tenants of affordable keyworker housing owned by the Crown Estate are opposed to the sell off of their homes to a new landlord. The estates comprise some 1300 homes in central London.

Sign the online petition calling on Gordon Brown to intervene to stop this sell off:

The houses and flats have been rented to key workers and their families for decades. Elderly residents have lived in their homes for over 40 years, while newer tenants are health and transport workers, firefighters, police officers, teachers whose services London depends. Tenants fear that if their homes are sold off rents will increase, keyworkers will be priced out of their homes, the keyworker scheme abandoned and long-established communities broken up. The Crown has refused to guarantee affordability or keyworker provision under new ownership. It has suspended its keyworker lettings scheme for existing and new applicants, and properties that could now be housing essential workers are being left empty pending the sale.

RMT members housed on the Crown Estates are campaigning to stop the sell off of their homes.
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