Jubilee Line Drivers To Be Balloted For Industrial Action

Further to our previous decision on this issue, we note that discussions with management have taken place and that although there has been some movement, there is still no satisfactory outcome. We remain in dispute and instruct the General Secretary to ballot our members in line with our previous decision. We welcome the co-operation established with ASLEF on this issue and aim to ballot to the same timetable. Reports and developments are to be placed in front of us.

We further note the discussion that took place at the meeting with our LU trains representatives on 25 January about the proliferation of trains safety issues. As we requested, our representatives considered an overall approach to this, and have agreed a set of demands, covering issues such as detrainment; agreements; opposition to driverless trains; and drivers to work only at one depot and on one line.

We note that discussions are taking place with ASLEF in an attempt to pursue these demands jointly, and we instruct the General Secretary to place a report on these discussions in front of us, under a new file entitled ‘DEFENDING DRIVERS’ JOBS, CONDITIONS AND SAFETY – LONDON UNDERGROUND’.

Developments to be placed in front of us. London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.