Firstly I would like to congratulate all London Underground members for the solid strike action that recently took place on 29th and 30th November. Management are under no illusion of the strength of feeling over these dangerous and unnecessary cuts.

Over the course of the last week, the General Grades Committee has met twice to discuss the current dispute with London Underground over their dangerous plans for job cuts and the following decision was taken: -

“Following the public exposure that LUL plan to leave station unstaffed, we note the latest proposals from management which appear to accept the need for a review of safety issues but at the same time insist that dangerous job cuts should be implemented. We therefore reject LUL’s proposals in their current form and accept two reports from our Regional Organiser on this issue.

Our negotiating team is therefore instructed to insist that a meaningful review of safety takes place and also the proposed binding arbitration on the issue of ticket sales per hour, noting that London Travel Watch have a figure of 12 per hour as opposed to LUL’s 30 per hour. The forthcoming industrial action is upheld. The GS is instructed to place the matter of hardship payments before the Council of Executives. “

Subsequent to the above decision, we wrote to the company seeking binding arbitration. Further talks were held and the following decision was taken once talks had broke down:-

“That because of the total intransigence of LUL, the industrial action continues and we reiterate our previous decision to call strike action commencing Sunday 28th November and as detailed previously for Monday 29th November, the General Secretary is instructed to use the media and electronic communications to notify members and the public of the position, and to thank members for their continued unity.

Despite protracted discussions at ACAS, management have refused to delay implementation of the job cuts. They want the unions to suspend all industrial action before they will even conduct a joint safety review. It is therefore clear that they are still not serious either about negotiating or about the dangers of de-staffing stations.

LUL have been forced to admit that some stations will be totally unstaffed at times and it is also clear that staffing levels will often be too low to secure safe station evacuations.

With regard to ticket office staffing, RMT has offered binding arbitration on the formula for how many transactions per hour should be conducted by ticket offices. There has been no response from management to this offer.

LUL are in the process of undermining years of safe working by reckless staff cuts for which there is no public mandate. Together with our sister union, RMT will continue to resist this disastrous course of action.

Finally the General Secretary is to organise a protest outside the mayor’s question time on 15th December and to liaise with the TSSA and other unions in dispute to organise a public rally.”

The planned industrial action called for Sunday 28th and Monday 29th November has taken place, was totally solid and had a devastating effect on services. Once again members took a solid stance against these dangerous and unnecessary cuts and are to be congratulated for their determination.

I shall keep branches advised of any further developments.


A resolution was received from Finsbury Park Branch and the London Transport Regional Council regarding our strategy in the job cuts dispute. The General Grades committee has discussed the matter and the following decision has been taken: -

“That we note the resolution from our Finsbury Park Branch and the Regional Council. Our members are to be congratulated for the steadfastness in standing up to management and defending safety and jobs. It is our current intention to escalate this dispute in the new year unless a resolution can be found and in the meantime the action short of a strike is to continue.

The General Secretary is instructed to arrange a meeting for our representatives to discuss the way forward and to write to members outlining the position.”

I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep branches advised of developments.

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