Imposition of Rosters - Control Room, Serco Docklands

DLRCircular No. IR/170/09 29th May 2009

Dear Colleagues

I can confirm that as a direct result of an RMT re-ballot of Serco Docklands Control Room Staff, the company has again backed off from implementing a roster to the detriment of our members. In noting the position, the General Grades Committee has made it clear that in the event of Docklands management again attempting to pull such a stunt sometime in the future, our response will be on a company wide basis involving all members.

The General Grades Committee’s full decision now follows:

“That we note the report from the Regional Organiser and that once again management have moved back from imposing a roster on our members. We also note that management have requested a meeting with the General Secretary to resolve this matter.

"Having consulted with our representatives, we reaffirm that we will not accept the imposition of rosters by management and that any future attempt to do so will be taken as an attack on all our members in Serco Docklands.”

I would again like to congratulate our Docklands Control Room members for their steadfast resolve.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow