Further TfL Strike In Pensions Dispute

Firstly I wish to thank you for your solid support for your union on the last strike day. Despite this magnificent show of solidarity the company continue to refuse to address our concerns. Their plans for pay freezes and cuts to your pension rights are part of a concerted attack on your terms and conditions. Together with our sister unions Unite and TSSA a further strike day has been called to force management back to the negotiating table and reverse their disgraceful plans which would do the following: -

  • Pay rises will be one off lump sums and would not count towards pensionable pay with final salary pensions reduced.
  • An immediate pay freeze over the next five years for at least 50% of staff
  • The annual pay award would be placed at the discretion of managers and no longer fully negotiated with the recognised trade unions
  • Any pay rises would be determined by punitive and discriminatory “individual performance” processes which we believe will leave staff at the risk of bullying and harassment.

All Transport for London members are therefore instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-

  • 05.59 hours Thursday 10th July 2014 and 05.58 hours Friday 11th June 2014.

Their current proposal is nothing less than a concerted attack on your terms and conditions and is likely to have a major affect the future of the TfL Pension Fund. TfL refuse to budge despite your clear rejection of their proposals. We demand they immediately withdraw “Pay For Performance” and get back round the table.

I urge you to stand firm in solidarity with your colleagues on the strike day. TfL must be left in no doubt of your determination to defend your pensionable pay.