Central Line votes yes by massive margin to defend Danny Davis

We note the ballot result of our Driver and Driver Instructor Members on the Central Line are as follows:

All 5 separately balloted depots have met both the turn out and yes vote thresholds for industrial action in the form of a strike.

We congratulate our Central Line Branches, our reps and our members for the hard work done in the face of the new draconian anti-trades union law to secure these
clear ballot results which send a strong message to the company and our wider membership that we will not accept vindictive attacks on members of this union!

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain an immediate report from the Lead Officer to be placed on the agenda for our Drivers meeting this coming Friday.

We place this matter in the Southern Sub-Committee for examination and report.

Members to be advised by postal letter, email and text.

Relevant Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.