Censored! Company Bans Freedom of Expression at Finsbury Park

In a pathetic display of petulance, management on the Finsbury Park Group have ripped down two important notices from RMT notice cases. Apparently acting on instructions from no less than the company’s Employee Relations Manager, Gerry Duffy, management tore down the October issue of Monthly News and banned its circulation to staff on the group on 23rd October. Then, on the 26th, they removed from notice cases a report by local Reps of a Level 1 meeting held with management that same day.

These blatant acts of censorship were recorded in the station log book, where it was made clear that copies of Monthly News and the Reps’ Level 1 report are not even to be permitted on LU premises. However, our union will not be gagged by a management who are running scared of the truth. We will keep writing the truth, in letters ten feet tall if necessary, and we will ensure that our members receive it, no matter how hard managers try to suppress it.

So, with that said - and for the benefit of our members whom management would prefer to keep totally in the dark - below we reproduce the Reps’ report of the Level 1 meeting held on 26th October:

Level One Meeting 26th October 2009

Dear RMT Member,

Today both Local Reps and the Functional Rep had a Level One Meeting with the GSM and the Employee Relations Manager to discuss the serious concerns in relation to suspensions at Manor House and the use of DSMs covering Meal Breaks.

Management were not prepared to discuss any matters concerning suspensions, stating that they could not discuss anything under investigation.

Staff side stated that there were many issues on the group that we would wish to discuss but because the GSM is under investigation for alleged harassment and the subject of a grievance and of at least one customer complaint, that staff side would need to speak to the Employee Relations Manager separately.

Staff side asked a number of questions but management would not respond regarding the suspensions.

Staff side moved to the use of DSMs covering meal breaks and DMRs. Management stated that they could do this within the framework.

Staff side complained that members were being phoned by managers asking them to take DMR payments. Staff side asked that this be stopped. Management said that they are permitted to do this; however if staff do not want this to happen then they should make formal complaints via the grievance procedure. Meeting ended.

Matters concerning our members and alleged bullying and harassment and customer complaints could not be discussed with the GSM present as he is under investigation, and they are confidential matters which are pertinent to him. Concerns regarding the relevant policies and implementation of same were discussed.

Please be advised per the GSM. If you have any concerns about being phoned and asked to take a DMR instead of an off-station meal break then you should put in a grievance.

Should you receive one of these calls then please contact your rep who will assist you with your grievance. If a manager phones you at home because you are sick or to ask for a change of duty or for any other matter then, again, please contact your rep. Submit a grievance; your rep will assist you with this.

Finsbury Park Branch

Article from Special edition of Finsbury Park Branch Monthly News, November 2009

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