Canteen Workers Newsletter

You can view the newsletter here. If you want to help out, then please download it using the link below the article, print it and hand it out to Sodexo canteen staff at your workplace.

The RMT is the only union campaigning for Sodexo canteen workers

RMT believes in direct employment of all catering staff. The appallingly low wages paid to sub-contracted caterers has already been described.

However, there is also a huge gulf between your conditions of service and those of directly employed rail workers. Free travel facilities have disappeared; working hours are longer, Annual Leave shorter and sick pay inferior, to directly employed colleagues at the train operators. Pension provision is largely non-existent and today there is little or no career progression.

On-train Catering Victory

After a succsesful campain your union has achieved the following for on-train catering:

  • Minimum rest breaks and improved staff facilities
  • Retention of on-train catering facilities at the current level
  • Extra pay protection for low paid catering grades
  • Decent conditions of service including full travel facilities and pensions
  • Adequate staffing levels
  • An end to contract catering and for the direct employment of all agency staff
  • The highest possible health and safety standards
  • A Charter of Protection to properly address workplace violence


It is your legal right under current working regulation to join
a union and organise if you choose to

Petrit Mihaj (your local representative) and Steve Hedley (regional organiser for TfL region) had the first meeting with Sodexo on 16th Apr at Heathrow. The company was represented by Colin Ramsey (Sodexo Employee Relation Director) and Mary Glass (HR Director). The company offered voluntary recognition if we get 50 percent of the staff in the bargaining unit which will include all grades up to Business Managers.

It is essential that we recruit more Sodexo workers over the next couple of weeks and if we have not reached 50 percent then we will proceed with the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) application for recognition.

I would also like to comment on the letter you received from Sodexo from Jane Jones (Managing Director) dated 10th Apr 12 and clarify Sodexo’s position and I quote “Sodexo has no desire to influence decision making either way. We don’t treat individual differently because they want to be in a union or be elected to
become a representative if you wish to” If at any point feel you come under pressure not to join RMT please make sure you let me know and I will take it with Colin Ramsey to make sure this stops.