Petrit Mihaj

<img src="" width="150px" hspace="5px" align="right">RMT believes that brother Petrit Mihaj who is a rep and worked at Sodexo has been sacked unfairly. The union is now preparing a ballot for industrial action to defend him.

Canteen Strike Begins Next Monday

Branches will be well aware of the case of Brother Petrit Mihaj who was dismissed by Sodexo earlier this year. An Employment Tribunal has ruled that he was unfairly dismissed for his Trade Union Activities but despite winning, there is unfortunately no obligation on the company to reinstate him. The judgement was scathing of the treatment he has received and pointed out numerous failings by the Company during the investigation and suspension leading to this unfair dismissal.

Sodexo - why we are striking !

Please download, print and display around your workplace.


Attached is a pdf that explains the importance of defending sacked RMT rep Petrit Mihaj
Remember , Petrit has won an Employment Tribunal against his employer who attached no blame whatsoever to Petrit.
Sodexo have dismissed Petrit solely because he was a RMT rep carrying out legitimate trade union activities
Sodexo should do the decent thing and reinstate him immediately

Employment Tribunal Rules Sodexo Unfairly Sacked Brother Mihaj


Employment Tribunal Victory – Ruling that Petrit Mihaj was automatically unfairly dismissed for his Trade Union activities

The Employment Tribunal Case for Petrit Mihaj v. Sodexo was heard last week and the Union was successful as the judge ruled that Brother Mihaj had been automatically unfairly dismissed by Sodexo due to his trade union activities.

Sodexho Canteen Staff Balloted Over Victimisation

London Underground Sodexo staff balloted in union victimisation dispute

Staff working for London Underground caterers Sodexo are to be balloted for both strike action and action short of a strike over the victimisation and dismissal of union activist Petrit Mihaj.

Petrit has been a major force in building union organisation on the LUL Sodexo depot catering contract and has been instrumental in securing union recognition and delivering improvements in pay and conditions and effective representation of staff.

RMT Prepares For Sodexo Ballot To Defend Dismissed Brother Petrit

From RMT Senior Assistant General Secretary Mick Cash


I write to advise branches that our representative Brother Petrit Mihaj has been dismissed by the Sodexo. The General Grades Committee believes this sacking by Sodexo is due to victimisation for his trade union activities. I have advised the company that we are in dispute over this issue, and that we intend to ballot members concerned for industrial action in order to achieve justice for Brother Mihaj.

RMT Seek Legal Advice On LUL's New Attendance Warning Guidance

We note the document from London Underground Ltd, clarifying that managers can and should exercise discretion in the management of attendance. We welcome this clarification, which follows concerted pressure from this union to demand that managers should stop routinely giving the maximum penalty to members.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to circulate this document in full to all our London Underground branches and representatives, with a covering letter explaining its background and how to use it to the benefit of members.

Used. Abused. Refused. Now re-abused

Used refused and abused,
Now re-abused.

It is disingenuous of London Underground to suggest that the assessments our 33 members were expected to take part in were fair and above board.
The feeling amongst the 33 RMT members is that they were never going to be given a fair crack of the whip on these assessments. What they saw with their own eyes certainly never gave them any confidence they were being treated fairly.

Executive Report To London Transport Regional Council October 2012

Each month our Executive Council Member Janine Booth reports to the Regional Council. This report as a synopsis and the full 'EC decisions' can be read here.

We've added some links to the report to explain some of the topics covered in more detail.

Remember branch meetings and the regional meeting are open to all members - this is where you can get involved and make a change in your union.

EC Report