Briefings with London Labour supporters over Justice for Tube Cleaners

Dear colleagues,

Briefings with London Labour supporters over Justice for Tube Cleaners

I wanted to report back on the latest in our campaign to secure the insourcing of our members who work to keep the Underground clean. With the current contract with ABM coming to an end, RMT has been stepping up political campaigning among campaign supporters in the labour and trade union movement.

Last year, RMT built a coalition of supporters encompassing the TUC, the London, Eastern and South East TUC, ,the London Labour Party's regional executive, the majority of candidates for the upcoming Assembly elections and the current Labour Group in the Assembly, all of whom support the call to insource our Tube cleaners.

Last week, accompanied by the Regional Official and a representative of our ABM cleaners, I met with these many of these supporters and we've been briefing them again on the latest situation, asking them to take forward our call on Mayor Sadiq Khan to take this contract back in-house so that all our cleaners are directly employed by TfL/London Underground and to eradicate the injustices and inequalities in the way they are treated. We'll be escalating this campaign and calling on our supporters to help give this renewed momentum in the coming weeks. We will not stop until we've won justice for the unsung heroes of the Underground.

You can read our latest briefing documents that was used with Labour GLA and Executive members here:

The campaign page is here:

I will keep you advised of further developments in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary