Branch motions on Tube pay offer


That we note and adopt the report from our Southern Sub-Committee and subsequent resolutions from our branches:

“This branch notes that, despite numerous meetings with LU over pay/conditions, we are still at an impasse, with the latest offer clearly not meeting RMT’s key demands.
This branch therefore calls on the NEC to immediately organise a ballot of all LU members for industrial action.” - Bakerloo Line Branch

“This branch calls upon the National Executive to reject the current offer made by London Underground Limited in relation to the 2019 pay deal and to declare a dispute without further delay. It would be a backwards step for any union to have to ‘purchase’ a shorter working week, which amounts to nothing less than a pay cut. In addition, the reluctance to offer a fair pay deal to those who deliver the service, at a time when LUL has an operating surplus and senior managers are receiving eye- watering pay deals, free healthcare and other benefits, is an insult to our hard working members.” - TfL No 1 & LUL Mats Grades Branch

Members to be advised by email & text.

All London Underground branches & the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.