Bosses Offer To Waterloo & City Line Controllers Falls Short of Member's Aspirations


The Union has been in talks with the Company at ACAS over the on-going dispute where Waterloo & City Line Service Control Staff have been taking industrial action short of strike action to demand re-grading (Circular No. IR/89/14, 25th March 2014). As a result of these discussions, the proposed resolution which has now been received from management is as follows:-

  1. A firm commitment to reassess the weight and value placed on this role should material changes be made to the role performed.
  2. An offer to develop and introduce a development programme recognising and taking advantage of the common management link to the Wood Lane Control Centre. This would enable those interested to move towards achieving competence at SCL2 level, either as Controller or DRM, regardless of substantive role changes.

Following a consultation with the Service Control Representatives and affected members, the Lead Officer has submitted a report and the General Grades Committee has noted that this offer does not meet our members’ aspirations for appropriate re-grading which recognises the multi-skills and hard work that members carry out therefore, this offer is considered unacceptable.

The GGC has applauded our members’ industrial action short of a strike that continues to hold firm and has taken the decision to escalate this by conducting a ballot for strike action in pursuit of pay justice for these members. I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all further developments.

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