Blog: The Wage Gap

The Evening Standard ran an article today on the top earners at London Underground. Managing Director Mike Brown it states earned £476,00. TfL Commissioner Peter Hendy meanwhile earned £652,000 - 33 times that of one of TfL's lowest wage earners on £20k. If you take into account contracted workers, at the bottom of the wage pile such as cleaners and canteen staff, that difference in wage grows even further.

Last year, it was reported that 128 members of staff at TfL earn at least £150k a year. Thats a wage pot of £19,200,000 for around the number of people you could squeeze into one carriage of a Jubilee Line train.

On Thursday we are expecting an announcement of cuts across London Underground - it is worth keeping these figures in mind.

Sir Peter Hendy - Commissioner: £652,000
Mike Brown - TfL MD rail and underground: £476,000
Philip Hufton - LU asset performance director: £319,000
David Waboso - LU director of capital programmes: £316,000

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