The Bakerloo Line Hokey Cokey

Great headline. Crap idea.
In an unprecedented show of common sense, the higher echelons of Team Bakerloo have finally voted off this ridiculous notion of cutting the High Tone Whistle in /out in / out etc etc when entering/leaving the depot at Stonebridge Park.
The 137 decibels this whistles generates is enough to deafen the poor old workers it’s meant to protect.
The engineering bods have now seen the light and are, as we speak, hard at it, deep in the pits of SPK DT trying to offer a solution.
So far they have looked at re-locating to all parts of the cab/drivers desk, we said no.
Lowering the toggle into the desk, within a moulded shape, a possibility we say.
Using the `J` door key to operate the whistle. Probably not we say.
As soon as we can agree a solution we will inform our members.
Please remember not to use the whistle within the depot limits and if you have a unit with one cut out, get the fleet staff to cut it back in before you enter service.