Asset Operations Transformation Update

Your MATS reps met with London Underground last week for the latest consultation meeting. Again the company deviated from the agenda proposed by your reps and we made little progress. It was a three hour meeting, with the first two hours spent talking about the proposed TUPE of 3 Bombardier staff into London Underground. LU are bringing these people into the company and including one of them ‘in scope’ for Transformation. We do not agree with this and believe that existing staff should not be put at risk by somebody new coming into the company.

We also raised the issue of how many Fixed Term Contract staff are being used across the business. A significant number have been included ‘in scope’ for Transformation. There is no way that your reps can accept non-permanent staff taking a job in place of existing staff. The company have now agreed to take these individuals out of Transformation if they have been with the company for less than twelve months. .

We have asked for a review of the number of Fixed Term Contracts and Secondments being used across the business, as we believe that these positions should be freed up for staff at risk through Transformation.

We were then told that someone from NP&S had submitted counter-proposal. This has not been viewed by your reps and we do not believe that all staff have seen it or given feedback on it. We need to be confident in any counter proposal and that the majority of staff are happy with it before we can submit anything.

The last 30 minutes of the meeting was used to discuss Local Admin. The company still do not have the correct numbers of staff, their proposals do not meet their own admin/staff ratios and the proposed numbers offer no resilience or sufficient cover for annual leave or sickness.

We are disappointed that this far into consultation, the company still do not seem to know what they are doing. Again we have requested that Local Admins should be the first item on our next meeting agenda and that we expect them to have done their homework and come back with some real proposals and a genuine desire to partake in meaningful consultation.

We will update you on any drop-in sessions are soon as they are booked