Assassination of female politicians in Brazil

A few months ago, we heard that Brazilian activist and comrade, sister Tamaris Rizzo, keynote speaker at RMT’s reparations conference, was facing difficulties in Brazil, with political turmoil and social/ethnic cleansing in her community.

Tamaris, an activist for ’21 days Without Racism,' alerted us to; 12 persons being shot dead in her local area, military rule over the police, and, personal difficulties with losing her teaching job because of her trade union and political activism.

Political unrest and state oppression in Brazil largely goes unreported in the UK - despite its significance to black activists here. More than 4 million slaves were shipped to Brazil from the coast of Africa during the 16th century and onward. Brazil was the last country in 1888 to abolish enslavement in the Western world.

Black activists in RMT, recognising the union’s support for the UN’s International Decade for People of African Descent, invited sister Tamaris Rizzo to speak at RMT’s National Black and Ethnic members’ 2018 conference, with the possibility of extending her stay for TUC Black Workers.

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