Demonstrations and other protests in support of our members and our policies

Put People First – Join RMT on the march this Saturday

Dear Colleague,

RMT members from around the country will be joining thousands of other trade unionists in central London this Saturday on the Put People First march – for jobs, social justice and the climate.

The demonstration, ahead of the summit of the ‘G20’ world leaders on the world financial crisis in London on April 2, will challenge them put the needs of people and communities ahead of corporate greed.

Lobby of Network Rail offices - Defend Jobs - Put Safety First


Members will be aware that in the name of efficiency savings Network Rail is deferring almost thirty per cent of previously planned renewals work for 2009/10.

The union estimates that 1000 jobs could be under threat by the deferrals which coupled with the cutting of scaling back of maintenance regimes and inspections will hugely increase safety risks.

March for Jobs, Justice and Climate, 28 March, London

Tell the G20 to PUT PEOPLE FIRST

In April 2009 the leaders of 20 of the world’s biggest economies meet in London against a backdrop of recession and global financial crisis.

On Saturday March 28, thousands of people will march through London as part of a global challenge to the G20 leaders to ‘put people first’.

Trade unions, environmental groups and charities have come together for this mobilisation and the message will be:

Unofficial Strikes - British jobs for British workers?

I have posted a recent article from Seaumus Milne of the Guardian on the recent wildcat strikes and protests. Definitely worth a read...

"The target of this campaign of strikes is now obvious

Attempts to paint the week of walkouts as anti-foreigner look silly now that Polish workers are joining the protests

Demonstrate Against LUL/TfL Job Cuts

TFL/LUL intend to cut 1,000 jobs. RMT is kicking off our fightback against this on Wednesday 11 February with a protest outside the building where both LUL management and many of the workers who may be affected are based.

We will be meeting outside St James Park tube station at 07:30 am to demonstrate outside 55 Broadway.

A leaflet advertising the protest is attached. Please download and distribute it.

Demonstration for Free Education

In 2010 the government will look to lift the current £3000 a year limit on university fees. Soon we could see a return to times when working-class people can't consider university, as they simply won't be able to afford it. The situation here will be like America, where fees could be £40‐50 grand a year, and someone like George Bush can buy a degree from Harvard.

Not everyone wants to go to university. But soon working-class young people won't have the choice!

Defend Our Cleaners' Reps

ISS cleaning company continues to victimise RMT reps, sacking and disciplining them on trumped-up charges.

A protest is being held outside ISS offices at Greenwich, 15 Park Vista, Greenwich, this Thursday, 8 January, at 11am. Please meet inside London Bridge outside WH Smiths at 10am.

Solidarity is strength.