Demonstrations and other protests in support of our members and our policies

LUL: Employ Trainpeople's Workers

Join the RMT demonstration, 1300, Monday 7th January, Wembley Central Station.

LU must employ Trainpeople Agency workers permanently! Dump the agency, employ the workers!
Bring flags, banners, etc. LU must be forced to take notice of LU and agency staff working together for justice.

LU inherited a contract with the Trainpeople agency from Silverlink in 2007. In breach of agreements with unions, for five years LU continued to use agency staff in LU uniforms to meet their staffing needs while Trainpeople paid them as little as £6.75 per hour.

RMT Hold Protest Outside Ugandan Embassy Over Threat To LGBT Rights

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union held a protest outside the Ugandan embassy in London over the governments plan to introduce a new law known as the 'Kill the Gays Bill.' If this bill is enacted, Uganda would be one of the legally most discriminatory places for sexual minorities in the world.

RMT members handed out hundreds of leaflets in Trafalgar square and helped to spread awareness of LGBT Ugandan's plight to thousands more with flags and banners which caught the attention of many passers-by. Several people approached us to voice there support for LGBT Ugandan's and disgust at what the government there is planning.

Inspiring Young Members- #oct20 A tale of two Cities

On October the 20th 2012, what were you doing?
I was at a protest holding a banner whilst trying to tweet- a pretty difficult thing to do!
RMT young members played a key role in organising for the demonstration against austerity and to promote all this hard work I was snapping the moment and sharing with the world. Little did I know I had gained a new follower all the way up in Scotland and he too was a RMT young member who had not been involved with the young members group but was at the Glasgow demo.

The legality of a 'general' strike, striking against the Condem Government

An interesting article from The Institute of Employment Rights on a topic which was much discussed at the Global Labour Institute Summer School 2012 which some RMT young members attended.

Days of Action:

"As the TUC opens its discussion for 2012, this IER Briefing from Keith Ewing and John Hendy argues that increased protest action against government austerity measures are defendable in Court with reference to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Demonstration against Condor Ferries who pay workers £2.35/hour; 12hr days, 3 months at sea.

'Demonstration against Condor Ferries who pay workers £2.35/hour; 12hr days, 3 months at sea.

In your opinion do you think it is fair for an employer operating between Portsmouth and the channel islands to pay £2.35 per hour for workers employed on these vessels for 12 hours per day for up to 3 months away??

RMT Cleaners Strike Update

RMT union & its members are demanding:-

  • SICK PAY: Cleaning jobs are dangerous and when working with
    chemicals with a combination of poor or inferior PPE staff often get sick.
    However the cleaning Companies do not care about their Workers.
  • A DECENT PENSION: Many Cleaners are working well beyond other Workers retirement age because they cannot afford to retire as they have no pension to retire on. This is a disgrace in 2012 Britain.
  • ANNUAL PAY INCREASE: Why would any bosses object to this?

TfL Olympics Strike Action

RMT members working directly for Transport for London will be taking strike action from 0659 Friday 3rd August until 0700 Saturday 4th August over the total and abject failure of the organisation to offer any kind of recognition and reward for the increase in workload and pressure arising from the extended Olympics period and for attempting to impose changes to working conditions and a unilateral ban on annual leave in some departments.

RMT London Taxi Branch Urgent Press Release

LPH Notice 08/12 Dated 13.07.12

The RMT London Taxi Branch condemns absolutely the inflammatory and provocative statement to drivers at the conclusion of the notice that is intended to threaten drivers who wish to take part in a legitimate demonstration.

Driver who are members of this branch who are participating in the demonstration are assured of the following:

continue reading or download the RMT London taxi Branch statement below