Meetings and events

RMT Jubilee South Branch Meeting - 4 day week and Night Tube update

RMT Jubilee South branch meetings are held on pay day each month, at 1600 in a private room above the Blue Eyed Maid pub in Borough High Street. The closest tube station is London Bridge.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 8th of June.

Functional and Health & Safety Reps will be at our next branch meeting to give important updates and to take questions.

Come along to hear:

LUL and Tube Lines representatives meeting

Dear Colleagues

  1. Breach of core work agreement, contracting out & subcontractors fleet grades – LUL
  2. closure of lillie bridge depot – London Underground. 

The National Executive Committee has called an all-grades Representatives meeting on the above two issues which it views as being an attack on members’ terms and conditions and future job prospects.

The meeting will take place at 10.30 hours in the Unison Building, Euston Road (very near Chalton Street) on Tuesday 7th June 2016

Meeting to discuss tube dispute offer

Following talks at ACAS yesterday, a revised offer has been received from London Underground in respect of Pay & Night Running and also Fit for the Future Stations.  

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee and they have instructed me to organise a meeting for all RMT Industrial Reps to discuss these developments in the above long-running disputes. Although paid release has not as yet been agreed, you are urged to make every effort to attend as your views are essential.

The meeting details are as follows:-