TfL no.1 & LU MATS branch

Welcome to TfL No.1 branch's webpage. The branch represents and organises TfL workers in TICC, Oyster and TIC, and LU Managers, Admin and Technical services. It also represents individual members in the rest of TfL. For more information please contact the branch secretary or branch chair. Please come along and get involved - you will be made very welcome! You will need to sign in to read branch meeting minutes.



RMT Opposes Job Losses From tfL Organisational Change

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. While we oppose all job losses, we note that these are unlikely to impact on our members. We instruct the General Secretary to monitor the progress of this reorganisation and place regular reports in front of us. Further, we instruct the General Secretary to ascertain from those trade unions which are recognised in these departments what action they may be taking on this matter, and to place their responses in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council, TfL no.1 branch and Transport for London representatives to be advised.

RMT Push For Increased Representation At TfL

We note the correspondence from Transport for London and that talks on thismatter are ongoing. We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that RMT continues to press for increased representation in this company, and to place reports and developments in front of us.

Further, an article on RMT's efforts to secure increase representation is to be included in our TfL members' newsletter.

RMT Organise To Fight Issues On Pay, Conditions and Jobs At TfL

We note the report from our lead officer, and welcome the renewed efforts for RMT organising on Transport for London, so that we may more effectively fight on issues such as pay, conditions and jobs.

We welcome the monthly meetings to be held with our representatives, and instruct the General Secretary to place a report of the 1 October meeting in front of us.

RMT Pushes For Museum Job Cuts To Be Wihdrawn

We note the information on file regarding Mayor’s questions and the Early Day Motion on this issue.

We instruct the General Secretary to publish links to these on the union’s website, to email members asking them to encourage their MPs to sign the EDM, and in particular to ask those members of our Parliamentary group who have not yet signed the EDM to do so. We further instruct the General Secretary to ensure that cuts to the LT Museum are highlighted in our campaigning against the 12.5% funding cut to Transport for London.

RMT Insists TfL Pay Rise Must Be Paid To All

We note that RMT did not endorse the two-year pay deal accepted by the other trade unions.

We further note the inadequacies of this deal, in particular the non-payment of the 0.5% above-RPI element of the 2012 rise to some grades, and the condition attached to the 0.5% above-inflation element of the 2013 rise that the unions must accept a new performance related pay policy.

We further note that Transport for London cancelled a planned meeting to discuss the new PRP policy.

MATS Newsletter May 2013

Admin CDI Note Taking
On Tuesday May 14th the Reps attended a MATS Functional Council meeting. The RMT was the union that put this on the agenda. At the meeting we were able to highlight the pressing issues around CDI note taking. The Reps pointed out how Admin were being told they had to take part in the pilot scheme and we insisted that this was voluntary and was not part of your role or job description.

Stop Staff Cuts At The London Transport Museum

A demonstration is being held to fight to stop the staff cuts at The London Transport Museum.

Whilst the museum holds an event - "Brightest London" it is dark days for the staff; as the face the threat of unemployment!

Protection For Occupational Health Staff

We note the correspondence from Transport for London, refusing our request for an independent review of the situation at Occupational Health. We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this matter is pursued fully through the machinery of negotiation and should this prove fruitless, to refer it to ACAS.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Jobs On The Line At London Transport Museum - Can You Help?

Staff at the London transport Museum are fighting the loss of up to 9 posts at London Transport Museum. These figures were discovered by reps when presented as a part of a business case. This is an insult to those at risk of loosing their livelihood.

We are planning a raft of demos, lobbies and leafletting....can you help?

London Transport Museum - Stop the staff cuts!
17.00 - 18.30 Monday 25 March,
London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza

TfL Board - Have a heart - give back the grant. Stop the staff cuts!

MATS Newsletter March 2013

Admin CDI note taking

We understand that management are trying to use the word ‘flexibility’ within your contract to get around the volunteering for this role. We believe this is not acceptable and we will take legal advice on this. The issue has been raised among the RMT senior reps and they are aware of our position in which as we have said before we do not recommend anyone volunteers to undertake this role.