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Welcome to TfL No.1 branch's webpage. The branch represents and organises TfL workers in TICC, Oyster and TIC, and LU Managers, Admin and Technical services. It also represents individual members in the rest of TfL. For more information please contact the branch secretary or branch chair. Please come along and get involved - you will be made very welcome! You will need to sign in to read branch meeting minutes.



TfL No.1 Branch Newsletter (April 2009)

April 2009 TfL No.1 BRANCH April 2009


Despite the overwhelming majority voting for industrial action to force management into meaningful talks on both pay and job cuts, London Underground (LUL) have threatened to silence the membership by having its lawyers use legal loopholes contained in the anti-trade union laws to deny the democratic right to take action.

The RMT will not allow its members to be treated in this way, and will now re-ballot with a campaign for an even bigger majority 'YES' vote. TfL members will also re-ballot to maintain unity throughout any action.

RMT Members on TfL: Vote Yes!

This leaflet urges RMT members working for TfL to vote Yes in the industrial action ballot over pay and job security. Click '1 attachment'/file name to download it. Read the text below.


Dear Comrades

Although this is a situation that may be completely new to a lot of you, because of TfL’s total intransigence on this year’s pay claim and the spectre of thousands of job cuts over the next couple of years, the RMT in support of its members has taken the decision to ballot for industrial action.

This decision has not been taken lightly. It is the culmination of many branch meetings across TfL, and following management and Trade Union meetings at the company council.

Resolution: Support the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign

This resolution, proposed by TfL no.1 branch, was passed unanimously at the February meeting of the Regional Council.

More than three million are expected to be unemployed by the end of 2009. Young people are among the first to be thrown on the scrapheap. Currently, 40% of those losing their jobs are between 18 and 24.

Request for Ballot

This resolution, proposed by TfL no.1 branch, was passed unanimously by the February Regional Council meeting.

This branch believes that TfL/LUL are jumping on the bandwagon of the recession, using it as an excuse to cut jobs. If we let the company get away with cutting admin/non operational grades, it will set a precedent, and have a double negative effect. A) it will make everyone’s life harder as all admin jobs are vital to the safe operating of the railway and the care of the employees themselves and B) it will make it easier for them to slash operational jobs.

Stop the Royal Mail Sell-Off (Rip-Off)

Dear Colleagues

There has been a lot of news in recent days about the proposed 30% sell-off of Royal Mail to a private concern, the most notable forerunner being TNT. This is a company most notorious for it's strike breaking antics at Rupert Murdoch's Wapping plant in 1986.

TNT has a track record of cutting jobs to boost profits and works on the basis of 10 part-timers to one full-timer to cut costs.

In the last 9 months of 2008 the postal service made £225 million profit whilst TNT's profits have collapsed.

Tube workers to demonstrate against job cuts WEDNESDAY FEB 11

RMT press release, issued today

RMT to lobby LUL headquarters at Broadway from 08:00

LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union will tomorrow (Wednesday) demonstrate its opposition to at least 1,000 redundancies planned by Tube bosses with a mass Lobby at the network’s 55 Broadway headquarters.

The noisy and colourful protest will commence at 08:00 on Wednesday, February 11

The union has already indicated that it will resist job losses, and that any attempt to impose compulsory redundancies among its members would be met with a ballot for industrial action.

Support the Shministim

This resolution, proposed by TfL no.1 branch and seconded by Stratford no.1 branch, was passed with one abstention at the Regional Council meeting in January 2009.

This Union notes that 7 Israeli teenagers – known as Shiministim – are refusing to serve in the Israeli army because they object to Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories. They are all 18 or 19 years old, have been called for military service but have refused to go and are now in prison.