Staff Under Threat Resolve to Fight Job Cuts

RMT's TfL no.1 branch - which includes RMT members on TfL and in LUL's management and admin grades - has resolved to fight the companies' plans to slash jobs.

Here is the letter the branch has sent to union head office ...


Request for a ballot for industrial action

This branch believes that TFL/LUL are jumping on the bandwagon of the recession, using it as an excuse to cut jobs. If we let the company get away with cutting admin/non operational grades, it will set a precedent, and have a double negative effect. A) it will make everyone’s life harder as all admin jobs are vital to the safe operating of the railway and the care of the employees themselves and B) it will make it easier for them to slash operational jobs.

We are an all grades union, and this is now being tested by the company. This is our chance to prove to TFL/LUL that we will back our members 100%.

We totally oppose these announced job cuts, even if there are no compulsory redundancies, as they will contribute to unemployment, increase workload of those remaining and damage services.

We resolve to: (with the help of the LTRC)

1) Demand that TFL/LUL open their books and allow full scrutiny of all financial information, by the unions and the public, so that we can challenge their financial justification for these job cuts.

2) Follow up the recent protest at 55 Broadway with a series of similar actions.

3) Provide top-quality support, information and representation to our existing members.

4) Run an urgent recruitment drive amongst the grades affected.

5) Run a public campaign opposing job cuts

6) Take industrial action as and when necessary

7) Convene a campaign committee to assist with the work, bringing together existing Metronet Strike Committee, Reps from the TFL Branch, and all other volunteers, to be sought at the next Regional Council Meeting.

We call for the ballot for industrial action on the grounds of job cuts, the pay and TFL’s disgraceful behaviour towards RMT Reps and members.