Anti-union laws

Campaigning to repeal the laws that restrict effective trade unionism

Tory Chair Of Anti Union Group TURC Sacked From Government Following Nazi Uniform Stag Party

The Trade Union Reform Campaign chairperson, Tory MP Aiden Burley, has been sacked from his government post following a stag party he attended where another guest wore a Nazi SS officer uniform. It has been reported that Burley hired the uniform for his friend himself.

The union busting group TURC which Burley heads is campaigning against union officials getting paid release and for 'a greater element of democratic legitimacy.' Effectively aims that would make it impossible for unions to represent members or to successfully ballot for industrial action.

We Won’t Sit Back And Watch Jobs And Services Destroyed Say RMT

Commenting on Vince Cable’s threat to make Britain’s already draconian anti-union laws even more repressive, RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today:

“Cable is effectively telling us that the right to strike is something we can have only if we choose not to use it.

He is trying to come across as the nice cop of the ConDem coalition, but the truth is that he wants us to sit back and watch as his government destroys our jobs and wrecks our services.

Industrial Relations-Regional Council 26th May

The following Emergency Resolution submitted by Stratford No 1 branch was carried at the Regional council meeting on 26th May.

In the light of the recently expressed intentions of the government to turn back the clock on Industrial Relations to the nineteenth century introducing new anti-strike laws and weakening workers rights still further, we request the regional Secretary to convene an open meeting to discuss with other trade unions a unified response to these threat.

RMT Wins Landmark Victory in Court of Appeal on Strike Laws

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow:

I am delighted to be able to report that this morning in the Court of Appeal RMT has secured a massive landmark victory on the UK strike laws over our dispute on Serco Docklands.

The full details are contained in the press statement below but be under no illusions – this morning RMT has given a huge boost to 7 million trade unionists in the country fighting for jobs, pensions and standards of livings.

Article for Labour Briefing

I have written this short article for Labour Briefing:

On 6 February, despite strong opposition from trade unions and passengers, London Underground completed its cut of 800 jobs from its stations. It slashed ticket office opening hours and removed staff from around the stations, leaving safety and security compromised and passengers without the help they need. Private-sector-run upgrades are seeing repeated failures, and maintenance regimes are being slashed.

RMT calls off strike action on Arriva Trains Wales this Friday following legal advice

FOLLOWING LEGAL advice on the changing nature of the anti-trade union laws, and a pending legal challenge to a court decision in respect of action on Docklands Light Railway, a 24 hour strike on Friday February 4 by RMT drivers on Arriva Trains Wales has been called off.

RMT confirmed today that it will re-ballot members in light of the latest legal advice.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

High Court Injunction Against DLR Strike

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary:

I write to advise branches that last week the High Court granted Serco Docklands an injunction preventing RMT from organising a 48 hour strike on the Docklands Light Railway. Yet again an employer has run to a High Court Judge to use the Anti trade union laws to ignore the democratic will of members. This decision has ramifications not just for RMT but across the whole Trade Union Movement and is the latest of a long line of high court decisions against trade unions.

Mass union lobby of Parliament: Support John McDonnell’s Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Amendments) Bill

Assemble 12.30 hours, opposite the House of Commons

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, writes ...

RMT Parliamentary Convenor John McDonnell MP has introduced a Bill to prevent employers blocking the democratic wishes of trade union members who have voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action. The union movement has called a mass lobby of Parliament in support of John’s Bill on Wednesday 13th October; we want to ensure that the RMT has a massive presence on the day. Please put this date in your diary now and make every effort to attend.

John McDonnell MP Attacks Anti-Union Employers

The Convenor of the RMT Parliamentary Group John McDonnell MP, has been drawn first in the Private Members' Bill Ballot of MPs and after consultation with the trade union movement, he is sponsoring the Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill. This will tackle the increasing employer practice of using minor technical errors in the balloting process - which have no material effect on the outcome - to take unions to court in order to prevent them from taking industrial action.