Anti-union laws

Campaigning to repeal the laws that restrict effective trade unionism

Sodexo - Why we are here

RMT takes fight against global union-busters Sodexo to their London HQ
Campaigners and trade unionist fighting the victimisation and dismissal of RMT union activist Petrit Mihaj will be taking the battle against global union-busters Sodexo to the front door of the company’s London headquarters at 9am this coming Monday, the 11th August.

The protest, 9am Monday 11th August, will take place at:


May Day - March For Bob

Dear Colleague

March for Bob

National RMT Mobilisation for May Day, London, Thursday 1st May 2014

I can advise you that following discussions with the May Day Organsing Committee it has been confirmed that the RMT will lead the May Day March on 1st May.

The event will be used to honour Bob’s memory and another giant of the Labour Movement, Tony Benn, who some of you may recall was a honorary member of the RMT.

The March will be led by the RMT Brass Band and followed by RMT banners.

Briefing: Anti-Union Laws

Anti-union lawsThis briefing itemises anti-trade-union legislation since 1980. It then looks further back into history, and examines some of the key issues in Britain's anti-union laws.

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download this as a document; click 'read more' to read the text below.

RMT Backs 'Bury Thatcher, Join A Union' Initiative

Transport union RMT announced today that it is backing a “Bury Thatcherism – Join a Union” initiative which will officially launch next Wednesday, the day of the former Prime Ministers funeral.

The initiative is designed to use the frenzy and polarisation that has developed since Margaret Thatcher’s death to encourage the angry and disaffected to do something positive on Wednesday, that is join a trade union and if you are already a union member encourage others to join and get involved.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

Special Meeting: The Thatcher Years - The Resistance, The Victims, The Truth

From London Transport Region Secretary John Reid

RMT Members are invited to a political event to commemorate the victims of Thatcherism and neo liberalism.
Celebrate the heroic resistance of the Miners, Print workers,anti poll tax movement, and all the working class communities who resisted Thatcher during the dark days of her vicious anti working class reign as Prime Minister.

Meeting and refreshments at the Exmouth Arms on Wednesday 17th April 1900 hours.

Speakers include:
Linda Wiles - President of the Region

RMT Letter Of Support For Bob Carnegie Campaign

The RMT's General Secretary Bob Crow & President Peter Pinkney have written to the "Bob Carnegie Defence Campaign" to voice the unions solidarity with the campaign to get all charges against Bob Carnegie dropped.

Bob Carnegie faces several charges after organising a 'community protest' at a construction site in Australia. You can read details of the case on the campaign website here.

The Letter
The Secretary
Bob Carnegie Defence Campaign
Queensland Australia

The legality of a 'general' strike, striking against the Condem Government

An interesting article from The Institute of Employment Rights on a topic which was much discussed at the Global Labour Institute Summer School 2012 which some RMT young members attended.

Days of Action:

"As the TUC opens its discussion for 2012, this IER Briefing from Keith Ewing and John Hendy argues that increased protest action against government austerity measures are defendable in Court with reference to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Pentonville Five Liberation Anniversary Meeting

London Undergrounds Engineering Branch invite you to to the 40th anniversary meeting to celebrate the liberation of the Pentonville five, a landmark victory in the history of our movement.

Speakers: Bob Light; Striking Docker, 1972.
Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

The meeting will be held at the Exmouth Arms, Tuesday 4th December at 5pm. This crucial event is invaluable to us all. Please make every effort to attend and encourage others to do the same.

RMT President Leads London Assembly Electoral Challenge

President of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) selected to lead new trade unionist and socialist electoral challenge for Greater London Assembly Elections in May 2012

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has selected Alex Gordon President of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) to lead its list for the London Assembly elections due to take place on 3 May 2012.