Anti-union laws

Campaigning to repeal the laws that restrict effective trade unionism

Transport targeted for new raft of Tory anti-union laws

Transport Union RMT responds to news that transport is one of the sectors targeted for new wave of Tory anti union laws. 

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"This morning the Tory Government confirm that transport is one of the sectors that they will be targeting with their new wave of oppressive anti-union laws as they seek to ban strikes by the back door. 

"RMT will stand alongside our colleagues in health, education and the fire service to fight this outrageous attack on our basic human rights. 

Mick Cash debates anti strike laws on BBC Daily Politics Show

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash debated proposed new Tory anti union laws on the Daily Politics show this week.

Mick Cash debated the planned draconian Trade Union Bill with  Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi, along with Jo Coburn and Lord Jones on the Daily Politics.

If you cannot see the clip below, watch it here on the BBC website.


LT Regional Council activities September 2015

London Transport Reg Council are organising various events in the upcoming weeks:


First up is a demo against the BIS Secretary Sajid Javid and an issuing of an injunction to him.
The demo is tomorrow September 9th at 1800 - follow link below for facebook event
He was elected on a majority of less than 38% - but strives to impose a threshold of 40% for Trade Union strike ballots

There is a follow up demo on September 14 on the right to strike to coincide with the 2nd reading of the anti trade union bill.

Demo: End Austerity Now

Dear Colleagues,

The proposed Tory anti-union laws would outlaw strikes if less than 50% of members voted in a ballot with an even stricter threshold for workers in ‘essential’ services. If these laws come in unchallenged, bosses will ride roughshod over all our workplace agreements and victimise our union reps.

It is now vital we mobilise on the streets for 20th June demo outside the Bank of England (Queen Victoria St) City of London (nearest tube: Bank) and show the full force of anti-austerity opinion by ensuring this demonstration is the biggest protest seen in London for years.

Blog: Tories Call For More Anti Union Laws

Strike Ban Threat
The Tories have announced plans for more anti-union laws which could see public transport strikes effectively banned. Around 24% of the electorate voted for the Tories, yet they want 50% of workers to vote yes for a strike to go ahead. A rewriting of democracy which would be very difficult for any union to satisfy.

They'd also call for a minimum tube service to run at all times, restrict picketing, and reduce the time union reps get to defend members.

RMT fight back against the onslaught of anti worker policies

LTRC are organising a weeks recruitment activity June 7 - 13 across all of our region.
We have asked full time officers to try to make part of these days.
But as you know the main focus and organising abilities of branch secretaries always ensure these events are a success.
We are asking all branches to participate in this important activity.

LUL have today announced their intention to press ahead with night tube for drivers
Station staff have already been given their rosters.
Fleet and engineering to follow.
Service control are also being lined up.


RMT are planning a series of protests outside Sodexo Ltd HQ to mark the anniversary of the unfair dismissal of RMT rep Petrit Mihaj.

We will continue to fight for the reinstatement of Petrit, he was dismissed for his trade union activities, and these included representing members at grievances, disciplinary meetings and fact finders. Activities that trade union reps are meant to participate in.

Petrit was found to be unfairly dismissed by an Employment Tribunal in 2014; the ET found him 100% victimised and discriminated against by the employer Sodexo.


After the reps meeting at Conway Hall all reps and activists are being asked to come down to the Sodexho HQ in Holborn for a demonstration against a union busting employer.

There can be no greater sacrifice a Trade Union rep can make than to be sacked entirely for Trade Union activities.

An ET has found 100% in favour of Petrit, absolute no fault against him.

This is a unique case. Normally the employer can point to some area of misconduct they use to dismiss.