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Metronet Boss Spills The Beans - Our Pay To Be Cut?!

Top LUL/Metronet boss Paul Tullet made a statement at the Metronet LUL Company Council on Friday 13 March which shows just what we are up against and why everyone must vote yes in the coming ballot for industrial action. At this meeting, management tabled the same 5-year pay offer that management of the rest of LUL had previously tabled - RPI plus 1% for '09 followed by RPi plus 0% for the following 4 years.

That is quite bad enough - a year-on-year real-terms pay cut - but Mr Tullet then went on to say ...

Meeting: Decent Pay, Secure Jobs, Open the Books!

A mass meeting for London Underground, Metronet and TfL workers.

Speakers include: Bob Crow (RMT General Secretary) and Steve Hedley (RMT London Transport Regional Organiser), plus RMT reps.

Come and show your support for our fight to save jobs and win a decent pay rise, and join the discussion about how to make this fight as effective as possible.

Click on the file names to download notices publicising the meeting - one for general use, one specifically aimed at train drivers. Please distribute widely.

Affected by the Job-Cutting OCR? Advice from RMT ...

Advice for RMT Members regarding the Operational Cost Review (OCR)
Read the text below, and download the advice as an A4 sheet

The RMT is deeply concerned at LUL's announcement that they are getting rid of 970 so called “back room staff” as part of an operational cost review. It is a disgrace that at a time when billions of pounds are being found to subsidise the banks, London's Railway Infrastructure and Services are being cut back.

Metronet Redundancies

This emergency resolution, submitted by LU Fleet branch, was passed unanimously by the February meeting of the Regional Council.

This Branch calls upon the RMT Executive to call a strike ballot of all members in Metronet (London Underground) if the following demand is not met.

We require a written guarantee from Metronet (London Underground) that they recognise and accept that we have a no compulsory redundancy agreement under the PPP Code of Practice and therefore will not impose any compulsory redundancies on Metronet (London Underground) staff.

Union prepares for strike ballot as London Underground plans to scrap ‘jobs for life’ deal

In recent meetings with London Underground over the proposed 1,000 job cuts, it has become apparent that management is not carrying out meaningful consultation.

London Underground is trying to force through job cuts, which amount to the first stage in plans by TfL to cut its budget by £2.5 billion. TfL inherited a debt worth over £2 billion from failed privateer Metronet. Instead of cutting our senior managers’ inflated salaries, getting rid of parasitical private contractors and opening the books to public scrutiny, TfL/LUL are attempting to do away with thousands of jobs.

Charter for Track Workers

This resolution, proposed by LU Engineering branch and seconded by TfL no.1 branch, was carried unanimously by the Regional Council in January 2009.

This region notes that successful recruitment needs planning and support from the whole region. We further note the success of other Charters for Cleaners/ Drivers etc and therefore call on the London Transport Region to endorse a similar charter for track workers:

Harassment: Guidelines for Managers

These are guidelines for managers in what was then called London Transport, published in 2000. If you are involved in a harassment case, you may find it useful to look through this document to check that management are following their own guidelines.


Version 2 (24th October 2000) London Transport Harassment Procedure Guidance for Accredited Managers


Metronet is Back in LUL - But TUPE Transfer Concerns Remain


RMT Members on Metronet are rightly pleased to be returning to London Underground Ltd and public ownership after 5 years in the private sector. Though no one seemed to be listening at the time; the RMT said all along that “the PPP would end in tears”, and foresaw the huge waste of millions of pounds of tax payers money “disappearing” out to the Metronet shareholders!



Metronet ballot possible: one for the road?

Following some very unsavory legal advice it now appears that jobs will be under threat when Metronet staff return to London Underground on 8th December. It appears that although all the staff are being tranferred to LUL, the contracts will remain with Metronet. This makes it possible for example that Metronet withdraw the contract from LUL and give it, let's say, to Balfour Beatty leaving the current Metronet employees jobless. The advice is provided in full underneath.

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