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Representation of LU Fleet Grades

From Bob Crow, General Secretary:

Our LU Fleet branch submitted a resolution regarding the unfair treatment of our CMO Fleet members as a result of new imposed London Underground machinery, which has in effect resulted in them not getting the representation they deserve.

This matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken:-

Joint Communication sent by: RMT; UNITE; TSSA and ASLEF to LU Employees impacted by Support Services Review

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Following various meeting the Trade Unions have held with London Underground, we feel it would be beneficial to update you on the current situation in respect of Assessment & Selection and also awareness of the implications of applying for the Non Permanent Roles listed by LU.

Assessment & Selection

Jobs cuts dispute: Talks update and change to industrial action in ex-Metronet grades

Official circular from RMT head office

RMT said today that after this union agreed to take part in talks on the basis proposed by ACAS and LUL Management having welcomed this, LUL then announced that they wished to revise the ACAS terms of reference. Talks are therefore adjourned while we await LUL Management putting their new position in writing.

All this followed LUL’s announcement of further job cuts prior to talks at ACAS.

London Underground Fleet Maintenance Staff Announce Action Over Safety-Critical Cuts

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed this morning that following a massive vote for action London Underground fleet maintenance staff members have been instructed to work only to process instructions (vehicle maintenance instructions), not to carry out higher grade working and not to cooperate with staff movements away from home locations. This action will commence from 00.01 hours on Tuesday 26th October 2010 and will have a major impact.

Worn Brake Blocks Show Folly of Maintenance Cuts

These photo is of brake blocks on the District Line that had worn away before train maintainers found them on a scheduled inspection after 14 days. London Underground wants to extend the period between maintenance checks to 28 days so that they can get rid of fleet staff. Trains with brake blocks worn like this could remain in service for a further 14 days, which will almost certainly lead to a serious accident.

RMT has released this picture to the press.

Alstom-Metro Tube train maintenance industrial action suspended following significantly improved offer

TRANSPORT UNION RMT has confirmed that industrial action by Alstom-Metro tube maintenance staff over pay and conditions has been suspended following receipt of a significantly improved offer from the company.

RMT will now consult members on the new offer through a referendum ballot with a recommendation to accept.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said;

“It is a testament to the solidarity and determination of our members that their action has enabled our negotiators to secure this new offer which includes a significant uplift for our lowest paid grades.

Overtime Ban Hits Fleet

RMT's overtime ban is affecting the District Line fleet. No shunter on days at Ealing Common depot means no trains available for changeovers and problems with some service trains and football trains tomorrow.

Tube Fleet Maintenance Staff To Be Balloted For Action as London Underground Doubles Time Between Crucial Safety Inspections

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it is preparing a ballot for action of all tube fleet maintenance staff following an announcement by London Underground that they plan to double the length of time between safety-critical train inspections from 14 days to 28 days.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “Hardly a day goes by now without TfL and LU getting caught out playing fast and loose with staff and passenger safety. These fortnightly inspections identify worn brake blocks, cracks in securing brackets and other distressed components. Moving these inspections to monthly is literally dicing with death in the interests of saving money.

RMT Circular: Maintenance Optimisation


Dear Colleagues,

A resolution was received from LU Fleet about an alarming policy change by management over the maintenance regime on trains. This was placed before the General Grade Committee who have made the following decision:-

Ten Reasons Why Engineering and Fleet Workers Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

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1. London Underground management propose to cut around 800 station staff. This means that they are looking to get maintenance staff who work out on the operational railway attending and assisting in emergency situations eg. If a train gets stalled in a tunnel, with no station staff available, they will send out a callpoint maintainer or technical officer.