Metronet Boss Spills The Beans - Our Pay To Be Cut?!

Top LUL/Metronet boss Paul Tullet made a statement at the Metronet LUL Company Council on Friday 13 March which shows just what we are up against and why everyone must vote yes in the coming ballot for industrial action. At this meeting, management tabled the same 5-year pay offer that management of the rest of LUL had previously tabled - RPI plus 1% for '09 followed by RPi plus 0% for the following 4 years.

That is quite bad enough - a year-on-year real-terms pay cut - but Mr Tullet then went on to say ...

“A reduction in wages will be reviewed in regard to a further deterioration of the current economic climate, backdated to the April”.

So there you have it - If they can find an excuse, they will cut our pay, not just in real terms but in hard cash.

Quite why LUL/Metronet workers should have to pay the price for an economic crisis that we did not create, Mr Tullet did not explain. Neither did he explain how exactly he plans to 'backdate' a pay cut - ask us to give the money back?!

The only thing Metronet management are 'asking for' is a solid strike!