Black and ethnic minority members

Black and ethnic minority RMT members are organising for equality and against racism. 



London Transport Region Motion Agreed: Reparation Campaign 2012

That the London Transport Regional Council BEM, joins up with organisations and individual such as the Haiti First Haiti Now Reparation Campaign, Global Afrikan Congressuk, Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum, MPs and others interested in Reparation campaigning in 2012.

The 2012 campaign should have a number of mini conference leading up to the Annual Reparation Conference on Thursday the 23rd August.

These should be held on the following dates:-

1)Saturday 28th April at the TUC Black Workers Conference
2)Saturday 26th May Afrikan Liberation day

Sign Up To The RMT Black & Ethnic Minority Members Mailing List

From London Transport Region Black & Ethinic Minority Officer Glen Hart

To assist providing RMT members with the latest news and campaigns from the Black and Ethnic Minority Member’s Committee, we are in the process of updating the BEM mailing list.

This will ensure that every RMT member interested with fighting the struggle for equality and against racism are aware of the campaigns.

We all face tough, difficult and daunting times ahead of us. How we organise together in solidarity, will be a determining factor.

Unions Oppose TfL Attempt to Divide Equalities

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the documentation on file regarding TfL’s proposal to divide its Equality and Inclusion team into two parts, one for staff issues and one for service delivery. We endorse the objections that staff side have raised to this proposal. We further believe that this division inaccurately implies a significant difference between equalities issues facing workers and those facing passengers, whereas workers and passengers share similar a interest in an accessible, non-discriminatory transport system.

Justice Meeting

The RMT has organised a meeting to discuss 'racism, the state and the police.'

Please print and distribute the flyer amongst your colleagues and friends.

This special meeting aims to secure your solidarity. The meeting will cover the case of Sean Rigg and Christopher Alder. Sean, a young and talented musician died shortly after being detained by Brixton polive in 2008. Why he died remains unanswered.

Christopher Alder died in police custody in 1998. An inquest in 2001 recorded his death as unlawful killing. A year later, a court cleared the five police officers of manslaughter and misconduct.

Elaine Holness Employment Tribunal 6/2/12

Elaine Holness Employment Tribunal February 6 2012

Elaine will finally get her chance to have her case heard at the Employment Tribunal in West Croydon on Monday Feb 6. Please make every effort to come down and support our comrade who has been treated so disgracefully since March 2009 by LUL and until we secure her re-instatement the victimisation dispute should not be considered closed.