Black and ethnic minority members

Black and ethnic minority RMT members are organising for equality and against racism. 



No To Hate Crime Vigil

An annual 'Vigil Against Hate Crime' is due to take place on Friday 28th October, 7.30pm-9pm in Trafalgar Square.

A 2-minute silence to remember all victims of hate crime will be observed at 8pm across the UK.

No To Hate Crime said “We believe that it is important to actively remember the victims of hate crime, to show our support to those who have had their lives changed forever by acts of hate. To state clearly that hate crime is not acceptable in our communities and that we need to work together to tackle this problem.”

No to hate crime campaign

The following resolution submitted by TFL No1 Branch was carried unanimously at the October 27th meeting of the Regional Council.

No to hate crime campaign are a non-profit making organisation that have been running vigils in Trafalgar square in October for the last two years. They are currently going through the process to achieve charitable trust status.

This region notes the importance of a collective stand against all forms of hate crime and the hard work done by to date.

This region resolves publicise the and the affiliation form.

Haiti: Holding International Charities Accountable

RMT Council of Executives decision:

That we note the resolution and support efforts to ensure donations reach the people they are intended for. We continue to fully support TUC Aid and ITF appeals. We encourage members to donate through these organisations.

Further, we instruct the General Secretary to write to Haiti Now - Haiti First seeking more information on their campaign to hold internal charities to account.