Central Line West branch

Central Line West Branch includes: LUL station staff (SS, SA(CR), SAMF, CSA) at all Central Line stations from Bond Street to West Ruislip and Ealing Broadway, cleaners at these stations, LUL Train Operators and Instructor Operators and Sodexho canteen staff at White City and West Ruislip depots, LUL Wood Lane Service Control Centre staff, LUL Central line Revenue Control Inspectors. Branch meeting and contact details are here

Central Line West Branch organising to defend Sanjeev Verma

Central Line West Branch is considering all options available including industrial action over the horrendous treatment of long standing member, Sanjeev Verma in his recent Company Disciplinary Interview (CDI).

Sanjeev, a member for over 20 years was dipped from Train Operator to CSA 2 for a incident that he fully cooperated with and one that he immediately reported once he realised his initial mistake. 

LUL have a process for dealing with such incidents called the "FAIR" process. 

New Strike dates for Central and Victoria lines


New Replacement Strike Dates/Times

According to the reps meetings wishes; we now instruct all affected members to take Industrial Action in the form of a Strike by not booking on for shifts between:

20:00 hours on Tuesday 3rd September until 20:00 hours on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

Central Line drivers' strike date announced


That we note the Lead Officer and our representatives have reviewed the lack of progress made by the company on this matter along with correspondence from the
company which is unsatisfactory; and are recommending strike action should be called.

Accordingly; we instruct all affected members to take industrial action in the form of a strike by not booking on for shifts commencing between:

More Transformation Announced

On Monday 18th March, RMT reps from several Functional Councils (MATS, Service Control, Engineering, Fleet) were told that plans for further reorganisation on London Underground would begin on Monday 25th March. We were not given any further information until yesterday (21st March) when we were invited to attend a large number of staff briefings in different areas of the company.

LU Pay Talks Update

The third day of London Underground pay talks took place yesterday (Wednesday 13th March). RMT Regional Organiser, John Leach, attended with reps from the seven Functional Councils RMT has recognition on. The company had previously asked us to remove a number of items from our pay claim before they would make us a financial offer. We refused this request and returned yesterday to continue to engage in meaningful talks with the company. There were discussions about improving staff travel facilities and also around our demand for a 32 hour, 4 day working week.

Meeting arranged to discuss Central Line dispute


Further to my previous Circular (IR/506/18, 21st November 2018) a series of talks with the Company took place at ACAS before Christmas in an effort to seek a resolution to this dispute. There was some movement on the key issues and the National Executive Committee took the decision to suspend the strike action on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd December 2018.

Strike action announced in Paul Bailey unfair sacking dispute

Subject: DISMISSAL, P. BAILEY – LONDON UNDERGROUND That we note the resolution from our Central Line East Branch; and applaud their resolve to continue fighting the scandalous sacking of Bro Bailey for NOT failing a drugs & alcohol test; which even the company now have reluctantly admitted is concerning so much so that they are to be undertaking a review of their whole D&A procedure.

Central Line strike solid

RMT members rock solid in strike action on Central Line over breakdown in industrial relations and abuse of procedures.

Tube union RMT confirmed that members are standing rock solid this morning at the start of 24 hours of strike action on London Underground’s Central Line over a comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations, a failure to employ enough drivers, a wholesale abuse of agreed procedures and the victimisation of a trade union member.