Solidarity with other workers

Workers are stronger when we support each other. This section of the wesbite reports on other workers in Britain and across the world campaigning for a better deal, and what we can do to support them.

CWU On Interim Agreement with Royal Mail

The Communication Workers Union's postal worker members were due to go on strike again today. However an interim agreement, announced last week, was reached between CWU and Royal Mail to postpone action. This video from explains the detail of the agreement.

David Ward, The Deputy General Secretary of CWU comments "There is no doubt that the strength of support from postal workers in the strikes has made Royal Mail think again. They have made significant concessions this week that are clear for everybody to see. Those concessions have allowed us to suspend strike action and work towards a full and final agreement."

Emergency Resolution: CWU Dispute

This resolution, submitted by LU Engineering branch and seconded by TfL no.1 branch, was passed by the October meeting of the Regional Council.

That the region condemn the use of scab labour to undermine the just CWU dispute. We call on the council of executives to support the CWU, financially, politically and through the TUC to defeat this tactic.

RMT Pledges Full Support For CWU Postal Workers

postal strikersSPECIALIST TRANSPORT union RMT today pledged its full support for the CWU postal workers in their fight for a secure future and decent pay and conditions and a delegation from the union, including General Secretary Bob Crow, will be joining the picket line at Mount Pleasant sorting office on Thursday (22nd October) at 4.30pm.

On Friday (23rd October) RMT cleaners working on the Eurostar for the Carlisle Group at St Pancras International will be on strike and will be organising picket line exchanges with local postal workers.